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Sunset Overdrive: The exclusive titles have always functioned as "system sellers"As games, that is, those that could get a" new "console from the hand and help it established better at the consciousness of gamers, while launching its sales.

That's why traditional titles are traditionally careful and expensive productions, with the big players in the industry carefully choosing the game studios that will undertake the development of an xclusive title.

The exclusive games category for Xbox One is also included third-person action shooter: Sunset Overdrive, her new game Insomniac, which has been linked to the historical series Ratchet & Clank which is known to have left its mark on Sony consoles…


sunset overdrive

Overcharge Aesthetics!

Sunset Overdrive could be described as an interest alloy which combines anime and punk / rock aesthetics, with zombie-based horror films, while there are also influences from other well-known titles such as Infamous, the Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio, with its designers claiming that they drew their inspiration from Iggy Pop and Keith Richards.

In general, the Sunset Overdrive is a super fun pop-culture squirrel, where his creators have managed to create an alternative world that is characterized by its diversity and diversity. But let's get things better from the beginning ...


The story of the Sunset Overdrive is taking place in the near future (2027 Year of Salvation), with its events taking place in the sunny Sunset City. H FizzCo a company specializing in the production of energy drinks and other soft drinks, decides to release into circulation the energy drink OverCharge Delirium XT.

FizzCo, in its effort to bring its product to market as quickly as possible, bypasses all control regulations and protocols, with the result that those who consume it transform into violently and helicopter zombies which are called OD (Overcharge Drinkers).

FizzCo, realizing that he has made a great potato, decides to quarantine Sunset City, leaking to the media that the evil came from (supposedly) a a dangerous virus. As you can imagine you take on the role of a survivor who, to survive, should be armed with patience, courage, but also thinking clearly out-of-the box!

Naturally, being told about the Sunset Overdrive story is really very little, as humor and lots of endless madness make the world the title of Insomniac, a real one alternative experience breaking the trivial and possessed by the charm of the different;

sunset overdrive3

This is madness ... and we love it!

Focusing our attention on gameplay mechanisms of Sunset Overdrive we can see that it is a shooter where the unstoppable run "n gun item, which is of course impregnated with a lot of platform features.

The meaning behind the Sunset Overdrive creators for gamers is that the time of the game should be on a lasting and unstoppable movement, without stepping on the hero controlling the ground (with the hero found on the ground becomes easy prey from OD's). After all, the open-world world of Sunset Overdrive is structured and designed in such a way as to force the gamer to make a series of impressive stunts and acrobatic tricks, making huge jumps, wall runs and performing unique grinding moves on cables and other smooth and uneven surfaces.

Every object that makes up Sunset City, from walls, lights to power lines, has been created in such a way that it allows its use by the player. The result of course is one of the most fun that you have never seen in a game of its kind and in this fact the good helps a lot response of the camera, which when your hero performs its tricks, locks the angle of its capture, smoothly following the course of action.

In general, what we have noticed is that the element of sustained movement, which is the structural component and the centerpiece of the game's philosophy, not only he did not tire us but at the same time it made us want more!


With the insomniac seal, Sunset Overdrive could not be too careful in the field of shooting mechanics, as the overall feeling left to the player is really perfect.

This is of course also helped by the fact that his developers have designed some of the most palava and alternative weapons that exist in game of the species. From explosive teddy bears until vinyl disc ejectors and many other weapons they make infinite laughter and which is understood to be a result of the theocratic climate of the game.

Besides, Insomniac has created its own tradition of designing unique weapons for its titles and the Sunset Overdrive is not exception to the rule.

In addition, the creators of the game have done a great job in the variety of monsters and human enemies that are constantly at your side and really do not leave you in a clown!

Indeed, with most enemies to possess ranged attacks, so that you can take them out of the middle requires a coordination of movements and adherence to the correct distances. In addition, even though we found one lack of originality in missions, this event is equalized by healthy open-world game world, giving gamers lots of opportunities.

Sunset Overdrive 1

Concerning the visuals the game, the colorful palette with the vibrant colors is perfectly combined with cosmic aesthetics, while the drive is locked in 30fps, without any performance-level problem with frame droppingalthough in many cases there is a real loss on the screen). At the same time, it has become an excellent job in the field special effects making it even more beautiful visual result.

Furthermore, the soundtrack is an excellent accompaniment to storming action with hard rock tunes dominating, while highly satisfying is the crystal clear performance of voice-overs.

Insomniac's game also does not miss it multiplayer strand, which is without distinction and is something original gives you the opportunity to take part in one co-op game (with the participation of 7 still players) facing hordes of mutants that attack relentlessly in waves.

Sure, the multiplayer could offer more choices, but even so it works well as an alternative mode if you feel lonely in Sunset City.


Alternative to all of it!

Fun, fast, gorgeous and with lots of madness, Sunset Overdrive is definitely one alternative experience, incorporating "fun" quintessence of gaming, which you can hardly detect in today's titles.

Though due to it of a particular nature it may seem somewhat weird to some gamers, but the insomniac title is a game worth trying it for.

It may not be the title that will spur Xbox One sales (this job will probably be Halo V), however it is a must-have and the best exclusive that you can find for the Microsoft console for 2014.

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