Instagram automatic censorship with AI

On its 10th anniversary, Instagram is releasing a series of visual features that allow you to change the app's icon. But along with that, the company is also introducing some measures to reduce abusive comments on the platform.

This may be good, but it can also be described as censorship, depending on how one sees it.

The first feature automatically blocks offensive comments using AI. The company said it would track them down using offensive comments previously reported. You will be able to click "Show hidden comments" to see them. The social network will automatically remove all comments that violate community regulations. This feature is currently in beta.

In addition, the company extends the "nudge" feature that alerts someone when posting a bad comment. The application will display warnings when someone repeatedly tries to post offensive things.

Instagram did not give numbers, but said it has seen a "significant reduction in negative interactions" since the release of nudge last year in a different format in the comments section.

New tools will be available worldwide when you write comments in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic (Android only). Instagram has stated that it will extend these features to other languages ​​in the future.

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