Instagram is testing a downtime feature to keep you from shouting elsewhere

A few days ago, internet users started flocking to Twitter to protest Facebook downtime, and Instagram and WhatsApp services.

Looking at the movement of people protesting the holiday, the company decided to inform you about the holiday itself in the future. To do this, try a feature on Instagram that will show you information on any future technical issues or service issues in general.Instagram

In addition, the company will notify you when the problem is resolved and everything returns to normal.

Instagram stated that it will not send you a notification for each stop:

We will not send a notice every time there is a break, but when we see that people are confused and looking for answers, we will see if this could help make things clearer.

The company is currently testing this feature in the US and is likely to expand it globally.

I think it's a smart little feature that quickly answers the question "Is it just me or is it Instagram?"

Along with the upcoming notifications, Instagram is also launching a new tool called Account Status. The new feature will let you know about posts and content that mention you. It will also let you know if you have violated the terms of the social network and if your account is in danger of being removed. You can read more about this new tool from here.

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