Bixby's Galaxy S8 is also available on older devices

Bixby, the new Samsung virtual assistant that only exists in the company's new Galaxy S8 smartphone, can also work on all major Samsung phones running Android 7.0 Nugat.

Not officially, because what we described above is a result of hacking. A developer with the takerhbk alias on the well-known XDA-Developers forum has managed to make Bixby work through a S8 launcher that leaked earlier this week. Bixby

Takerhbk has since begun to share the necessary files with the Bixby APK, and the launcher APK.

Mishaal Rahman from the XDA-Developers forum reports that he managed to run the digital assistant at Galaxy S7. There were many others who succeeded in bixby's porting on their own devices.

According to Samsung, Bixby will not be released on the Google Play Store.

Note that older Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S7, do not have a dedicated button to access the Bixby mode as it has Galaxy S8, which is already available for pre-orders at prices starting from $ 720. So the experience of a Bixby digital assistant on older devices could be very different.

The digital assistant Vixby is not the only assistant you can use on a Samsung phone running on Android Nugat.

Google is preparing to release Google Assistant on mobile with Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat. Microsoft Cortana is available on the Google Play Store, and Amazon has begun to distribute its own Alexa Digital Assistant to smartphones. Of course, Apple's Siri is only available for iOS.


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