Instant WordPress directly install WordPress locally

If you are a WordPress webmaster or an administrator you know that there is always something you need to do on the backend of the site. With the application instant WordPress you can try all the changes you want to make on your site locally on your computer without having to install anything else.instant WordPress

So it instant WordPress is a free Windows mobile program that you can use to develop a local WordPress installation.

The program comes with everything you need like the latest version of WordPress, Apache, PHP and MySQL.

Since it is offered as a portable program, you can move it easily or copy it to a flash drive that you can carry with you.

All you need to do is download a 60 Megabyte file from the official project website and extract its contents to your local system.

Once you're done, run the executable file in the root directory. The program will launch a dashboard that you can use to open the blog on your local computer, and gives you access to MySQL admin or WordPress management.

Then you can upload your site's database, and the wp-content folder to get a full copy of your Web site.

You can download it portable application from here

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