Instructables: A self-made encyclopedia

The Instructables website is a free encyclopedia of constructions that you can build for yourself, which contains step-by-step instructions and online lessons for each creation.


At Instructables you can learn almost nothing. It specializes in constructions that have been created and uploaded to the Internet by users and have clear instructions step by step. These instructions can be text and photos or even video and PDF files.

Creations are submitted by users (or you can create your own build instructions and upload them) and are rated by the community. It's a good alternative to YouTube video editing videos.

Some projects require increased skills, and if you do not have them, then a difficult process in one construction is often associated with another corresponding lesson referring to this process. For example, the coloring of the glass of a clock is linked to another lesson referring to the way the glass is cut.

"Do it yourself" lessons are free for everyone and in addition you can ask a question, add a tip, post a comment, upload a build or enter a contest.

Of course you will need to create a free account. You can sign in with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Autodesk or create an account using an email address. The Instructables website is owned by Autodesk, which has created the famous AutoCAD engineering program.

Starting to navigate the site you have to choose between 8 main categories in which you will find a huge variety divided into subcategories. The main categories are:
Technology, Laboratory, Boat, Home, Food, Play, Outdoor, Clothing

In addition to the main categories, there is Pier 9. He specializes in skills such as Wood Shop, Metal Shop, CNC Shop and 3D Printshop with accompanying workshops. Visit, you may find something you want to build.




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