Vulnerability to Intel chips: AMD and ARM may be affected

The news about a security flaw in Intel chips was released yesterday. The vacuum in security could leave vulnerable millions of computers, but it could be a defect that affects other companies other than Intel.

Originally detected by Sign Up, as a kernel vulnerability leaves computers with Intel processors vulnerable to hackers. Although there is a first fix of the vulnerability and a first patch, the Register website states that this patch could slow down computers by 30%.Intel

The defect may allow malware to read login information and passwords from "safe places" in the computer's memory. But as it turns out, it may not just affect Intel's millions of computers.

An Intel statement said vulnerability is not limited to company chips. Of course, Intel also suggests that other chipmakers such as AMD and ARM are vulnerable, which means that many more computers and smartphones are at risk.
AMD on the other hand claimed that for the Axios processor there is "almost zero risk" for this vulnerability, according to TNW.

Intel also said it is working on a solution that will not slow down computers, according to Microsoft Reuters. It seems that it takes a lot of work, as it is necessary to rebuild the basic functions of the company's processors.

Intel said it planned to reveal the defect next week.

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