Intel Compute Stick Computer in 2015 USB size from Intel

An idea successfully funded by Internet users -see Kano Computer based on Rasberry Pi and running Debian Linux - is going to implement it in its own way Intel.
The Intel Compute Stick is a fully functional computer that resembles a USB stick, connects via HDMI to any TV and runs Windows 8.1 or Linux based on Intel Atom.
According to Intel, a computer of this magnitude and with this processing power is enough to serve the needs for a quick job, social networking, surfing the Web or downloading streaming technology from various Internet services , such as those for the distribution of films. Its trump card is that it can convert any TV with HDMI to a PC monitor or any TV on an Internet-enabled TV, which makes it somewhat Smart TV.
The Intel Compute Stick can also serve the needs of a small / medium business as it will additionally be provided with Remote Desktop Management. It is also ideally suited for information kiosks as it is a plug and play device that can stream streaming or not, high resolution video on screens located anywhere.
The Intel Compute Stick is expected to be released in 2015, but the company does not clearly set the date. In terms of price, the Intel Compute Stick is said to cost only 150 dollars (Kano has developed with a different philosophy and is sold instead of 150 euros).
Although the Compute Stick announcement was made by CES 2015, and the Intel website is reported to be a product that has not yet received the necessary approvals in the US, the same product is listed in Intel's list of Intel Internet solutions Facts as NH1, with Intel Atom Z3735F, 2GB RAM with Windows 8, but without a Linux option on the Taiwanese company website, Quanta Computer. Technology

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