Intel is dropping the Celeron and Pentium names

Intel from 2023 will change the names of some of its processor families. The company will stop using the names Celeron and Pentium and call the new processors Intel Processor.


The Intel names we have been used to for so many years and that we have sung a thousand songs they will probably go down in history. Forget the famous Celeron and Pentium as the vice president of Intel, Mr. Josh Newman, said that from 2023 they will be called Intel Processors and that this change will simplify Intel's offerings and make it easier for users to choose the right processor.

Intel released the Pentium and Celeron processors more than 30 years ago. The first Pentium processors were released in 1993, with Celeron processors following five years later in 1998.

Today's Pentium processors have little in common with the early Pentium chips. Back then, Pentium processors were flagship products.

The introduction of the Intel Core in 2006 relegated the Pentium to second place. So Intel split the Pentium into two series Pentium Silver and Pentium Gold. The Pentium Silver was aimed at the low-power device market, while the Pentium Gold was aimed at the entry-level desktop market.

Today, Pentium processors sit between the lower-end Atom and Celeron processor lines and the higher-end Core and Xeon workstation/server processors.

The remaining Intel processor families will retain their names. The Intel Core processor family will continue to exist and be divided into Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 models.

Intel will bring the name change to laptops first. From 2023 onwards, notebooks will use the Intel Processor brand and no longer the Pentium or Celeron brand. The company plans to make the same branding changes for desktop as well, but has yet to announce a timeline for that.

It will take some time before all the Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium processors are actually removed from store shelves and replaced by boxes that say Intel Processor. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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