Intel laptop? Watch your screen with Linux 5.19.12

Intel laptop users running Linux should avoid installing the latest point release of Linux 5.19.12 stable kernel as it may damage their screen.

Users of Intel laptops running Linux kernel version 5.19.12 started to they mention problems with a "flashing white light." One user even describes it very figuratively "the laptop screen starts flashing like lights at a 90's rave party".

Intel's Linux kernel engineer Ville Syrjal posted this week on mailing list: "After looking at some logs, we come up with potentially spurious power sequence delays, which can damage the LCD."

Greg Kroah-Hartman immediately released Linux 5.19.13 and the Intel graphics driver issues appear to be fixed.

Greg stated, “This release is to resolve a regression on some Intel graphics systems that had issues with 5.19.12. If you are not experiencing this issue with 5.19.12, you do not need to upgrade.” The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

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