Intelspy: Perform automatic network scans

Intelspy Perform automated network authentication scans to collect network information.

IntelSpy is a multi-threaded information retrieval tool that performs automated network service scanning. Performs scanning for active servers, port scanning, service scanning, web content scans, brute-force, detailed offline exploration searches and more.

The program will also start further scans for each service detected using a large number of different tools.


  • It scans many targets in the form of IP addresses, IP bandwidth (CIDR note) and solvable host names.
  • It scans the targets at the same time.
  • Detects servers in IP range network (CIDR).
  • Customizable port scan profiles and service enumeration commands.
  • Creates a directory structure for collecting results.
  • Records commands executed.
  • Creates Shel with commands that will be executed manually.
  • Exports important information in txt and markdown format.
  • Stores data in an SQLite database.
  • Creates an HTML report.


  • Python 3
  • colorama
  • toml (
  • seclists
  • curl
  • enum4linux
  • gobuster
  • nbtscan
  • no one
  • Nmap
  • onesixtyone
  • oscanner
  • smbclient
  • smbmap
  • smtp-user-enum
  • Snmpwalk
  • sslscan
  • svwar
  • tnscmd10g
  • whatweb
  • wkhtmltoimage
  • pandoc
  • Hydra
  • jellyfish
  • wpscan
  • ldapsearch
  • patter
pip3 install -r requirements.txt sudo apt install seclists


___ __ | ._ _ | _ _ | (_ ._ _ | _ | | | _ (/ _ | __) | _) \ / | / IntelSpy v1.0 - Perform automated network reconnaissance scans to gather network intelligence. IntelSpy is an open source tool licensed under GPLv3. Written by: @maldevel | @LOGISEK_LTD | usage: [-h] [-ts TARGET_FILE] -p PROJECT_NAME -w WORKING_DIR [--exclude ] [-s SPEED] [-ct ] [-cs ] [--profile PROFILE_NAME] [--livehost-profile LIVEHOST_PROFILE_NAME] [--heartbeat HEARTBEAT] [-v] [targets [targets ...]] positional arguments: targets IP addresses (eg 1), CIDR notation ( eg 2/3), or resolvable hostnames (eg to scan. optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -ts TARGET_FILE, --targets TARGET_FILE Read targets from file. -p PROJECT_NAME, --project-name PROJECT_NAME project name -w WORKING_DIR, --working-dir WORKING_DIR working directory --exclude exclude hosts / networks -s SPEED, --speed SPEED, set timing template (higher is faster) (default: 24) -ct , --concurrent-targets The maximum number of target hosts to scan concurrently. Default: 1 -cs , --concurrent-scans The maximum number of scans to perform per target host. Default: 2 --profile PROFILE_NAME The port scanning profile to use (defined in port- scan-profiles.toml). Default: default --livehost-profile LIVEHOST_PROFILE_NAME The live host scanning profile to use (defined in live-host-scan-profiles.toml). Default: default --heartbeat HEARTBEAT Specifies the heartbeat interval (in seconds) for task status messages. Default: 3 -v, --verbose Enable verbose output. Repeat for more verbosity (-v, -vv, -vvv).

Examples of use

Scan a single target

sudo python3 -p MyProjectName -w / home / user / pt / projects / sudo python3 -p MyProjectName -w / home / user / pt / projects / -v ​​sudo python3 intelspy. py -p MyProjectName -w / home / user / pt / projects / -vv sudo python3 -p MyProjectName -w / home / user / pt / projects / -vvv

Scanning a computer

sudo python3 -p MyProjectName -w / home / user / pt / projects /

Scanning network bandwidth (CIDR)

sudo python3 -p MyProjectName -w / home / user / pt / projects /

Multi-objective scanning (comma separated)

sudo python3 -p MyProjectName -w / home / user / pt / projects /

Scan targets from a file

sudo python3 -p MyProjectName -w / home / user / pt / projects / -ts /home/user/targets.txt

Snapshots ς


You can download the program from here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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