Internet Archive and ArchiveTeam store Google+

Google will begin deleting data from the Google+ social network in April, but before that happens, Internet Archive and ArchiveTeam try to keep the platform public posts before they disappear forever.

In one suspension in Reddit, sites announced that they have already begun archiving publications using scripts to back up data.Internet Archive

The teams report trying to save only publications that are publicly available and have not been classified as private by their owners.

They also encourage members of the social network who do not want to store their content to delete their accounts or request the removal of some specific content.

Teams trying to save the internet say they will not be able to save everything: comments, for example, in too many publications will not be all stored. The rest will appear as a static HTML.

However, it is not clear whether major discussions are maintained, but it is certain that the images and videos will not be saved in full resolution.

Google has announced that it will close its service last October following an important security issue that leaked user data. Following the revelations of a second security breach, Google has announced it will start deleting the data from April 2.

Since February of 2019, Google has closed the ability to create new pages and profiles.

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