Dictionaries against 19 chronology for internet gambling scams

From the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate, a case file was filed against 19hronian national, for violations of the gambling and illegal betting law, via the Internet.ball Internet

Through a social networking site he was falsely promising to offer and offer at a prediction fee predominantly for soccer matches

Checks for combat gambling and illegal betting via the Internet have increased because of the European Football Cup in France

A criminal case file was formed by the Greek Police's Electronic Crime Prosecution Division against 19hronik, who is involved in violations of the law on gambling and illegal betting via the Internet.

In particular, in the context of digital and web research, a social networking page was found, the user of which approached other users, promising falsely that he offers and offers against a financial fee prognoses for the outcome of all kinds of individual or group games, but mainly football matches.

Indeed, to be convincing, he claimed to have "valid" information from managers and other betting agencies.

For this purpose the Athens Public Prosecutor's Office was informed and ordered a preliminary examination, in which a targeted digital survey was carried out, while correspondence was conducted with the social networking company and with the competent telecommunication and internet service providers for identification of the perpetrator.

The management of the aforementioned page was foreseen by 19year old, in the wider region of Evia.

On 16 in June, 2016 officers of the Electronic Crime Investigation Division conducted an investigation, in the presence of a judicial officer, at 19rono's home, and on-site control of his digital media, identified his involvement and found evidence.

A computer hard disk was seized, which would be sent to the Criminal Investigation Division for laboratory tests, and a trial file was filed against 19 chronos, which will be filed with the Prosecutor's Office of the Athens Court of First Instance.

It is noted that the Hellenic Police Cybercrime Division is constantly engaged in fighting gambling and illegal betting via the Internet, and due to the European Football Cup in France, it has stepped up its scrutiny.

It is recalled that citizens can communicate, with anonymity or surname, with the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office in order to provide information or to report illicit or scandalous acts or activities carried out over the Internet to the following contact details:

  • telephone: 11188
  • Sending e-mail to: ccu@cybercrimeunit.gov.gr
  • Through the application for smart phones: CYBERKID
  • Through twitter: @CyberAlertGR.

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