Catch 48 time for 44 blackmail over the Internet

Detected by the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office of an Extortion and Slanderous Internet Affair, Victim 44House

A case file was filed against 48hronian, who, using a nickname on a social networking site, extorted 44 while claiming the amount of 5.000 euro internet crime

From the Greek Police's Electronic Crime Prosecution Division, a case of extortion and libel defamation through the internet was discovered, with a victim of 44. For this case, a case file was filed against 48hronik.

In particular, the case was investigated following a 44 year's complaint that she received a number of calls on her mobile phone from unknown people who told her they had found her phone number in erotic ads, which they identified in specific websites at Internet.

44 has confirmed the posted ads with her photo and mobile phone number, as well as text that encourages users to make a phone call so they can be found with her, displaying her as an issue.

At the same time, as she complained, unknown to this social network user, using pseudonymous profiles, sent her blackmail messages, asking her to deliver it at a specific point in a folder, the money amount (5.000) of euro, in order not to post erotic of the Internet video.

For this, the Athens Prosecutor's Office was notified and an order was issued for a preliminary examination.

In the context of methodical and in-depth investigation and digital analysis of the case, police officers found that the electronic traces of the administrator of that profile on the social networking site, as well as the user's electronic tracks, of the advertisements in question correspond to the above 48 national.

Morning hours today (15.01.2015), a police squad conducted a lawful search at his home in Nea Filadelfia, Attica. From the on-site autopsy on his computer, his involvement in the case was verified, as well as being an administrator of the profile on the social networking site.

During the investigation, a (1) portable computer and a (1) external hard disk were seized and seized and sent to the Criminal Investigation Division for the necessary laboratory tests.

The case file will be submitted to the Prosecutor's Office of the Athens Court of First Instance, while the investigation continues for the possible involvement of 44hronos in other similar cases.

It is recalled that citizens can communicate, anonymously or branded, with the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office in order to provide information or to report illicit or scandalous acts or activities carried out through the Internet to the following contact details:

  • telephone: 111 88
  • Sending an e-mail to: such as @ cybercrimeunit. gov. gr
  • Through the application (application) for smart phones (smartphones) with ios - android operating system: CYBERKID

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