Internet Explorer; Change DIRECT browser

If you use Internet Explorer, change your browser immediately. The HP Zero-Day Initiative Security Unit (ZDI) has just released four critical zero-day vulnerabilities (ZDI-15-359360361 and 362).Internet Explorer Vulnerability

HP's ZDI security department has a policy stating that researchers should inform vendors when they discover vulnerabilities in their product, but give them 120 days to fix the bugs.

If they do not fix them, publish the zero-day on the internet, aiming at mobilizing the company that is indifferent to protecting the public.

According to the information in the ZDI section, all vulnerabilities allow remote code execution and attackers could gain the same privileges as connected users.

What is very important to know is that attackers should persuade you to click on a malicious link. If you do not, you will be absolutely safe.

In some cases, however, they could use other scripts and tricks to make you click on the link.

So security experts recommend that you stop using Internet Explorer directly until Microsoft fixes the security flaws.




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