Internet for the elderly? Why not ;

- ”Let's talk to my grandmother on skype for a while

What do you mean ; Does grandma have skype?

-Yeah. I bought her a mobile phone for 60 € and even when she is on the mountain with the sheep, she has it with her. The nice thing is that he talks to his son to come with his car to pick her up, he listens to the radio from it while he even answers the Skype, when I call her or my daughter. After all, it does not do anything special. A "button" on the screen of mobile makes up and our communication is ready".

This is what Vassilis told me and we really talked to my grandmother for 2-3 minutes at skype.

Leaving Vassilis, I was thinking about how different the current 70-80-year-olds are from those of the same age, who lived 20-30 years ago.

Let's make the life of the elderly a little easier.

Let it be taken for granted that the use of one smart phone mobile phone by an elderly person, is not the parameter that will solve the problems of his life, since they start from the stale pensions and reach to all the meanings that old age brings (whether they are diseases or thoughts and anxieties about death).

With this data we have the following suggestions that can be easily handled by older people, without the need to know the differences between android and windows or what it is browser, Sql and more.

But they can know that they will easily find a recipe by pressing the "button" with the little fox (see Firefox) and typing e.g. I make salt with the mπungrateful ...

Search - familiarization and finding suggestions solutions, from seniors (having the younger ones on their side) with the internet

Here are some ideas :

  • various flavors of bread, sweets and food
  • maintenance and processing edible (eg fruits and spices, vegetables etc)
  • constructions (eg from hens to knitting carpets and / or creating lime water [that soothes the symptoms of burns])
  • making an appointment with doctors of the (former) IKA
  • communication with the family living far away through a platform (e.g. skype, viber)
  • view video with themselves (the elderly) and their family on grandma's birthday the year before. Video that the grandson "picked up" at Youtube.

If you see "advanced and extreme" our proposal, we remind you that they are elders. No future deaths that the media "gnaws" their ears.

From our own experience, we tell you with confidence that our proposals will give them a window of joy in (whatever) life they lead. seniors in the covid era while the results you will get from the implementation of our proposal, will surprise you.

As they surprised us too.


  1. Your teenage children will not be the best teachers because they will speak to them with "strange" terminology to the elders. For example "lags it video”..
  2. we advise you not to talk to them and not to go and teach them Facebook. Let's not load them with others δis their life.


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Written by George Kanellakis

Youth of several decades that even in my 110 years I will live with modern ideas but old Principles


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  1. Assume that the "youth" who signs the article using ironic descriptions of seniors, believes that he will never be in that age group? Because if the opposite is true, it would be very interesting for him to think that someone much younger would refer to him disparagingly. Even if he tried in an obvious way to cover these characterizations in his article with phrases such as "they are not future". We are all future mortals dear "youth". Except for those who have really made a deal with the devil Faust, or the fools who think they will live to be 200. A little respect does not hurt. Find out even with a delay. From a much younger reader.

    • If we exclude the question I have, about the diminutive and that you read it, I live with some others for which the dialogue does not make sense.

      However, keep reading Faust since at some point you will reach the chapter that talks about the loss of logic. If this is not enough for you, I recommend you to read Egmond, also by Goethe, from his early creative years.

      Until then, hello and joy.

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