Internet Poll: Do You Have That Promised You?

Internet in Greece: Yesterday I read the comments of two readers of, who did not agree on an issue that concerns us all. The issue was and continues to be the speed of connections in Greece.

The comments were posted on Facebook, under a post that mentioned the construction of a fiber optic that allows data transfer to the Internet at speeds that catch one petabit the second.
The first comment supported the view of the majority, that is, we do not have fast connections in Greece, while the second argued that there are many connections with fiber optics, which give what they promise.


In fact, the second comment was mentioned by a company that can offer the Internet speeds it promises to the consumer. A detail that may be completely coincidental, the author of the second comment on his Facebook profile, states that he works for this company.

Below we will have the opportunity to see through a poll what the audience thinks about the Internet connections in Greece, and the services they use, but before I would like to quote a survey conducted by Ookla and posted from Kathimerini.

The new internet speed rating for the last month (July 2018) by Ookla shows that the average speed of Internet access via mobile ranks our country in 28th place among 124 countries. On the other hand, in fixed network connections the country is ranked based on the speed in the 82nd place among 133 countries. In mobile, the performance is satisfactory, as they bring Greece above the global average.

Specifically, the data download speed in mobile networks in our country was measured at 33,77 Mbps and is 48% higher than the global average that rose in the same period to 22,81 Mbps. Also, the average speed of data transfer (upload) via mobile was measured in our country at 11,39 Mbps against 9,13 Mbps of the global average. The countries with the best mobile data retrieval speeds are Qatar (62,63 Mbps), Norway (57,31 Mbps) and the United Arab Emirates (55,17 Mbps).

Greece's ranking of Internet speeds through a fixed point has not changed compared to last month, but remains very low. The average data retrieval rate for last month was just 17,88 Mbps, when the global average was 33,77 Mbps. In other words, the Greek "surfs" the Internet at about half the speed of those who surf the rest of the world.

Thus the country is ranked 82nd, after Bangladesh (81st place) and before Kyrgyzstan (83rd place). Even in neighboring Macedonia, the average speed of Internet access is higher (67th place), while Portugal, which has systematically invested in fiber optic networks, ranks 22nd in the world, with an average data rate of 66,16 Mbps. That is, the Portuguese surf the Internet at a speed about 3,7 times faster than that of the Greeks. The country with the fastest access is Singapore, with an average speed of 181,47 Mbps. It is followed by Hong Kong with 145,65 Mbps and third Iceland with 143,62 Mbps.

However, apart from the above, it is worth mentioning that the average of all connections operating in Greece provides the user with a flow of information corresponding to 40% of the nominal value, ie the speed promised by the internet service provider.
The speeds offered by the providers in the Greek market correspond, in fact, to 1/3 of the nominal speeds, according to the report of the National Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT).

Internet service providers promise very high speeds, using the keyword "up". But what is the real speed you have? Does it represent the amount you pay?

Below you can vote in the poll on the state of Internet connections in Greece. If you want you can add more details to the comments of this post so that they do not disappear in the Facebook timeline, and can be read by others. does not require registration to comment, and if you want to be notified for answers to your comment, you can also use a fake email.

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