Internet Health Test: Do They Steal Us Mbps?

Internet Health Test: The phenomenon I pay for a pretty good Internet connection but I do not have Internet is known in Greece and around the world. Are you in doubt about the connection they are using? Then this post is for you.

The 'Internet Health Test' from Battle for the Net is an attempt to find out what happens to the services you receive from your paid ISP.

The site will conduct one or more tests for anyone interested in seeing if the internet speed they are using is normal or has degraded in some way.

To find out if you are experiencing a downgrade of your line performance from the internet service provider you are using just follow the link above to go to the Internet Testing Health website. From there, press the "Start the test" button.

The test will run in a pop-up window and only takes a few minutes.

Below are the results of my own test. The results would be great if my line was at 24Mbps. Unfortunately my line is at 50Mbps. Internet health

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