Internet & coronavirus: Can I do something with my login?

Our closure indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, had as a direct result the abuse of the Internet, since everyone is trying to communicate and work online. The fact that almost all of us now rely on the internet puts unbearable pressure on service providers, which results in reduced performance.

According to Recode's Adam Clark Estes, the global internet infrastructure is meeting demand quite well today, and speed performance is more likely to decline on the consumer side than on large internet companies.
So while the Internet seems to be working quite well in general, you may notice a slowdown depending on how much you use it, if you work from home for example.


Before we move on we should mention that there is not much you can do to have faster internet. For the most part, you are at the mercy of your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

If your ISP has, for example, download speeds of 50 mbps, try it to see how fast your Internet is at Ookla SpeedTest. Keep going and test your speed on different sites ή platforms. (Do not be optimistic, because there was a problem in the speed we pay and in the one we have, even before the current crisis).

Many of the online video streaming platforms have decided to reduce the quality of the videos to help maintain a good internet speed, but streaming as well as doing so requires a lot of bandwidth. If you notice a slowdown in your home, try using only one video streaming device, not several different devices connected at the same time.

How To Increase Speed ​​On A Slow WiFi

Try connecting some devices with an ethernet cable, if possible. A wired connection means that there is one less wireless device on your network. So you may notice a slight increase in speed. A good location on the router may improve wireless connections, but it will not help if your ISP is already burdened by the larger and more universal daily use of the Internet.

Good luck, and hope the internet can stay strong until this crisis is over.

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