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Internet revolution and security by Google's Eric Schmidt

The Dia it has started to be used by dictators who want to control people and Google is not unaware of this.

"With what has happened in the last year, governments have realized that you will not turn off the Internet," said Google President Eric Schmidt.


According to the newspaper Guardian, this statement was made during the conference SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Schmidt, of course, went one step further and said the new model of a dictator is to penetrate and try to manipulate the Internet, something that has so far been evident in countries like China.

This statement is very important, especially considering the current international context, the demonstrations taking place in many countries and the conflicts that are at the center of attention.

More often than not, the Internet has played a major role in uprisings, such as those in Ukraine, Venezuela, Turkey, and Egypt. In most of these cases, governments have tried to interfere with Internet freedom by blocking social media and other often used by protesters.

"We want to strengthen mobile phones and connectivity, especially for people who do not have them. In the book, we can say that revolutions will be easier to start, but harder to end, "said Schmidt, referring to a book he co-authored with Jared Cohen on how the new digital age will shape the future. .

It should also be noted that Google and Eric Schmidt have reacted vigorously after the NSA scandal in recent months, calling for increased government transparency and upgrading their network security by using SSL by default for protect users.

"The solution to this is to encrypt the data at multiple points in the source. "We did it already, but now we are just accelerating our activities," Schmidt said. "We are quite confident that the information contained within Google at this time is safe from the prying eyes of any government, including the US government. "We were attacked by the Chinese in 2010, we were attacked by the NSA in 2013. These are the facts," said the Google president.

Schmidt has said in the past that encryption is the key to ending internet censorship that occurs in countries like China, where the Great μπλοκάρει αρκετές , as the government tries to eliminate Internet content that is unfavorable to them and limit citizens' access to information. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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