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Spies and governments stealing, hacking, managing and collecting huge amounts of data from Internet, computer bloatware and adware, massive internet invasion, televisions that hear what you say, phones that carry what you say or do, free apps that are designed for profit, and the list continues to grow day by day the day.internet spying

Only the last week has it become known that Lenovo is using adware on its computers, that online espionage services have managed to break a company's firmware by stealing the keys SIM card encryption.

Every week there are new revelations that confirm how much they are spying on us, watching us, and manipulating us in various ways.

An example: bloatware or adware comes pre-installed with shortcuts for malicious desktop applications. These apps collect data for online retailers and come as part of most Windows computers for a long time.

When you buy a PC, the chance to get it with programs and other things you do not need is too long. Manufacturers earn enough money from third-party offers that add to their systems.

Most computers come with adware making the systems much slower than they would without them, and this reflects negatively not only on the computer manufacturer but also on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Some manufacturers even had the smart idea to charge for the removal of programs they installed.

Are there alternatives? Only with drastic measures to be absolutely sure.

  • Format and install Windows (of course not OEM version) from the beginning.
  • Buy Mac
  • or install Linux (always with reservation)

Internet eye spyHave you ever wondered what will happen when virtual reality invades your home via the Internet? Virtual friendships on the Internet, Facebook, or other social networks. The end of human relationships as we knew them is coming, loneliness and isolation, and prozacs will break. The pharmaceutical companies have already changed the sad name "antidepressant" to the catchy "mood buffer."

Each Snowden leak reveals horrifying news about (you know all sister services like the British GCHQ and NSA) the world spying program. The last we heard before the hacked SIM was hard disk firmware hack, which is impossible to detect by end users.

The hack of the largest SIM card maker that each of us uses on the smartphone jeopardizes the global community as it allows services to decode the data that passes from mobile to the centers of mobile operators.

It seems that we can not trust anything from devices and software anymore, to companies or manufacturers that produce them.

Even if you bought a Microsoft Signature Edition system (we also sell clean computers if you want a little more) from Microsoft stores that come without third-party software and bloatware, you can not be sure that a spy service is not monitoring the package by modifying the device firmware or planting another hidden tracking application.

Internet entertainment

With regard to Internet entertainment now, you probably know what is happening in the toy industry.

While computer games continue to cost the market, many of them come with DLC purchase options, offering downloadable content as well as premium editions. This is not necessarily bad, at first glance, but it is already being abused by some companies.

You may need to buy DLC to get the full gaming experience while some games come with all their content, buying a premium edition that of course costs more.

We should also mention free games in the mobile communications sector.

Many of these games are designed to provide the maximum profit and not to provide gamers with enjoyable gaming experiences. This is done through techniques designed to enrich the developer or company. For example, adding timers to various game activities forces players to wait or pay to speed up the process.

Some say this is just the beginning, and things will get worse in the future Internet. The Internet of Things (Internet of Things) is just beginning to invade houses around the world, offering businesses new options for monitoring and manipulating their customers.

Do not be surprised if you just see ads in your refrigerator.

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