Internet List of countries by number of users

Below is a classified country by number of users Internet (Internet) from 2013.

Internet users refer to people who have used the Internet in the last 12 months of any device, including mobile phones.

The percentage is the percentage of the population of a country who are internet users. Estimates come from either household surveys or online subscriptions. Areas that are not countries and disputed areas appear in italics.

All Member States of the United Nations include, except South Sudan and North Korea. Taiwan is cited as a sovereign state.

The internet usage rate is very interesting. Very high rates are observed in all the Nordic countries, but also in Europe in general. Greece, of course, is far behind the percentages of 90 +% of Northern Europe.

The percentages of China and India, although very low (48.8 and 24.1 respectively) include 1 billion (+) users.

List of Internet users

Country or regionUsers
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China668,110,314148.80%94
Flag of India.svg India352,340,854224.10%136
Flag of the United States.svg USA266,441,302384.20%22
Flag of Japan.svg Japan109,755,777486.25%18
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil103,720,965551.60%87
Flag of Russia.svg Russia87,495,296661.4%67
Flag of Germany.svg Germany68,131,244783.96%23
Flag of Nigeria.svg Νιγηρία65,675,984838.0%116
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom56,954,584989.84%14
Flag of France.svg France54,027,4281081.92%27
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico51,638,4021143.46%106
Flag of Egypt.svg Αίγυπτος42,271,8991249.56%92
Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea41,499,3261384.77%21
Flag of Vietnam.svg Βιετνάμ40,597,7791443.90%104
Flag of Indonesia.svg Ινδονησία39,733,5321515.82%154
Flag of the Philippines.svg Φιλιππίνες39,116,6381637.00%121
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey37,321,1991746.25%97
Flag of Italy.svg Italy35,942,1201858.46%75
Flag of Spain.svg Spain33,903,9971971.57%46
Flag of Canada.svg Canada29,659,5252085.8%19
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina25,523,9782159.90%71
Flag of Iran.svg Iran25,074,1252231.4%130
Flag of Poland.svg Poland24,123,9172362.85%65
Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa23,765,9372448.90%93
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia23,650,5702551.70%86
Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan21,063,0372610.90%168
Flag of Malaysia.svg Μαλαισία19,842,1342766.97%52
Flag of Thailand.svg Ταϊλάνδη19,533,6752828.94%132
Flag of the Republic of China.svg Ταϊβάν18,639,7732980.00%29
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine18,631,6003041.80%109
Flag of Australia.svg Australia18,477,8763183.00%24
Flag of Morocco.svg Μαρόκο18,283,5133256.00%79
Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya17,174,6863339.00%113
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia16,298,4483460.50%69
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands15,789,4083593.96%7
Flag of Venezuela.svg Βενεζουέλα15,624,0383654.90%80
Flag of Peru (state) .svg Peru11,700,9273739.2%112
Flag of Chile.svg Chile11,449,2683866.5%54
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan10,948,7453938.20%115
Flag of Romania.svg Romania12,900,000[11]4049.76%91
Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal10,690,0004140.30%62
Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh10,637,566426.50%177
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Καζακστάν9,577,9244354.00%83
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden9,144,1404494.78%4
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium8,582,0764582.17%26
Flag of Sudan.svg Sudan7,910,4764622.70%140
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic7,862,9374674.11%39
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary7,220,4194772.64%44
Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland6,932,5554886.70%17
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal6,705,8724962.10%66
Flag of Austria.svg Αυστρία6,628,1925080.62%28
Flag of Greece.svg Greece6,449,3775159.87%72
Flag of Algeria.svg Αλγερία6,284,4895215.2%149
Equator Equator6,230,3785340.35%110
Flag of Syria.svg Συρία5,883,8225426.20%134
Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda5,630,9275516.20%152
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Αζερμπαϊτζάν5,629,4235658.70%74
Flag of Israel.svg Ισραήλ5,456,5865770.80%47
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark5,258,0545894.63%5
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong5,255,0785974.20%38
Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus5,214,3446054.17%82
Flag of Yemen.svg Yemen5,067,6926120.0%143
Flag of Norway.svg Νορβηγία4,834,0196295.05%3
Flag of Finland.svg Φινλανδία4,819,2536391.51%10
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates4,817,0956488.00%15
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka4,746,9676521.90%141
Flag of Tunisia.svg Τυνησία4,746,1126643.80%105
Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg Dominican Republic4,690,8106745.90%99
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia4,274,4616877.88%34
Flag of Bolivia.svg Βολιβία4,132,1166939.50%111
Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore3,986,0207173.00%42
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland3,737,0967278.25%33
Flag of Serbia.svg Σερβία3,730,1497351.50%88
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria3,704,5647453.06%84
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand3,613,4417582.78%25
Flag of Angola.svg Angola3,545,9667619.10%145
Flag of Ghana.svg Γκάνα3,099,5527712.30%164
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatian2,987,6637866.75%53
Flag of Iraq.svg Iraq2,930,980799.20%172
Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon2,912,7668070.50%48
Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan2,865,0808144.20%102
Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba2,843,8938225.71%135
Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala2,831,5748319.70%144
Flag of Senegal.svg Σενεγάλη2,779,7868420.90%142
Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Puerto Rico2,694,1348573.90%41
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina2,631,6168667.90%51
Flag of Paraguay.svg Παραγουάη2,443,9808736.90%123
Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe2,438,8388818.50%146
Flag of Lithuania.svg Λιθουανία2,406,7078968.45%50
Flag of Zambia.svg Zambia2,190,2249015.40%156
Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica2,158,2559145.96%98
Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia2,130,0709243.10%107
Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania2,123,525934.40%190
Flag of Oman.svg Oman2,095,9229466.45%55
Flag of Palestine.svg Palestinian Authority2,069,0999546.60%95
Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait2,033,8859675.46%35
Flag of Uruguay.svg Ουρουγουάη1,931,5119758.10%76
Flag of Afghanistan.svg Afghanistan1,835,377985.90%183
Flag of Albania.svg Αλβανία1,809,8549960.10%70
Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia1,783,6631001.90%199
Flag of Moldova.svg Μολδαβία1,766,52310148.80%94
Flag of Qatar.svg Κατάρ1,742,20510285.30%20
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Democratic Republic of the Congo1,661,1611032.20%197
Flag of Latvia.svg Λετονία1,638,93910475.23%36
Flag of Panama.svg Παναμάς1,526,98610542.90%108
Flag of Honduras.svg Ονδούρα1,503,82710617.80%147
Flag of Slovenia.svg Σλοβενία1,448,19910772.68%43
Flag of Cameroon.svg Καμερούν1,442,2101086.40%180
Flag of Armenia.svg Αρμενία1,418,75610946.30%96
Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador1,411,65211023.11%138
Flag of Mozambique.svg Mozambique1,301,2201115.40%184
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan1,298,24211223.40%137
Flag of Macedonia.svg Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1,277,34911361.20%68
Flag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan1,265,60711416.00%153
Flag of Bahrain.svg Μπαχρέιν1,153,19911590.00%12
Flag of Jamaica.svg Jamaica1,099,87211637.80%117
Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti1,048,75711710.60%169
Flag of Rwanda.svg Rwanda1,045,0951188.70%174
Flag of Estonia.svg Εσθονία1,013,15411980.00%29
Flag of Libya.svg Libya990,38712016.50%149
Flag of Cambodia.svg Cambodia912,3321216.00%182
Flag of Malawi.svg Malawi905,9881225.40%184
Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua897,22212315.50%155
Flag of Laos.svg People836,89612412.50%163
Flag of Burkina Faso.svg Burkina Faso783,7701254.40%190
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg Trinidad and Tobago781,69412663.80%63
Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus756,26712765.45%59
Flag of Myanmar.svg Myanmar662,0081281.20%205
Flag of Côte d'Ivoire.svg Ivory Coast582,4221292.60%194
Flag of Mauritius.svg Mauritius515,67313039.00%113
Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia521,52013116.4%148
Flag of Madagascar.svg Madagascar497,1801322.20%197
Flag of Turkmenistan.svg Turkmenistan490,8521339.60%170
Flag of Benin.svg Benin483,9871344.90%187
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg482,82013593.78%9
Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg Papua New Guinea418,0741366.50%177
Flag of Macau.svg Macau383,61613765.80%57
Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro371,17313856.80%77
Flag of Mali.svg Mali336,0591392.2%195
Flag of Swaziland.svg Swaziland346,63014024.70%136
Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji332,69714137.10%120
Flag of Togo.svg Togo321,9411424.50%189
Flag of Botswana.svg Botswana319,17414315.00%159
Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland304,39414496.55%1
Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia303,41614513.90%161
Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg Democratic Republic of the Congo301,8911466.60%176
Flag of Niger.svg Niger287,2891471.70%200
Flag of Malta.svg Μάλτα283,42714868.91%49
Flag of Brunei.svg Brunei268,13714964.50%62
Flag of The Gambia.svg Γκάμπια263,62715014.00%160
Flag of Chad.svg Chad257,4491512.30%195
Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana243,14615233.00%127
Flag of the Bahamas.svg Bahamas229,70215372.00%45
Flag of Bhutan.svg Bhutan216,86415429.90%131
Flag of Barbados.svg Barbados216,54415575.00%37
Flag of Mauritania.svg Mauritania213,1321566.20%181
Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname212,00015737.40%119
Flag of Cape Verde.svg Cape Verde199,14215837.50%118
Flag of Liberia.svg Liberia183,5261594.60%188
Flag of the Central African Republic.svg Central African Republic180,8281603.50%192
Flag of Guinea.svg Guinea178,8161611.60%202
Flag of FLNKS.svg New Caledonia174,25516266.00%56
Flag of Maldives.svg Maldives173,74916344.10%103
Flag of French Polynesia.svg French Polynesia157,50216456.80%77
Flag of Somalia.svg Somalia153,7741651.50%203
Flag of Gabon.svg Gabon150,9061669.20%172
Flag of Burundi.svg Burundi130,7891671.30%204
Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg Equatorial Guinea115,45616816.40%151
Flag of Belize.svg Belize105,97216931.70%129
Flag of Guam.svg Guam104,88717065.40%60
Flag of Lesotho.svg Lesotho96,8091715.00%186
Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Σιέρα Λεόνε95,4161721.70%200
Flag of Aruba.svg Aruba86,12217378.90%32
Flag of Andorra.svg Andorra80,17517494.00%6
Flag of Djibouti.svg Djibouti75,2591759.50%171
Flag of Bermuda.svg Bermuda66,20217695.30%2
Flag of Saint Lucia.svg Saint Lucia57,29917735.20%124
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg Antigua and Barbuda57,15917863.40%64
Flag of Eritrea.svg Eritrea56,1031790.90%207
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg Saint Vincent and the Grenadines53,67418052.00%85
Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg Guinea-Bissau51,4871813.10%193
Flag of the Comoros.svg Comoros48,8991826.50%177
Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg Solomon Islands47,7801838.00%175
Flag of Seychelles.svg Seychelles45,78618450.40%90
Flag of the Faroe Island.svg Islands FEROES44,73818590.00%12
Flag of Dominica.svg Dominica43,23918659.00%73
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg São Tomé and Príncipe42,96818723.00%139
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg St. Christopher and Nevis40,90718880.00%29
Twemoji 1f1f0-1f1fe.svg Cayman Islands39,81918974.10%40
Flag of Jersey.svg Jersey[1][Note 2]38,958-41.03%-
Flag of Grenada.svg Grenada38,35719035.00%125
Flag of Greenland.svg Greenland37,97619165.80%57
Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga37,21319235.00%125
Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Λιχτενστάιν34,71419393.80%8
Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg American Virgin Islands34,04019432.50%128
Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa29,90819515.30%157
Flag of Vanuatu.svg Vanuatu29,55719611.30%167
Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia.svg Federated States of Micronesia29,49719727.80%133
Flag of Monaco.svg Monaco27,66419890.70%11
Flag of Gibraltar.svg Γιβραλτάρ18,878-65.02%-
Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino16,48419950.80%89
Flag of the British Virgin Islands.svg British Virgin Islands14,45620045.30%101
Flag of East Timor.svg East Timor12,8962011.10%206
Flag of Kiribati.svg Kiribati11,87420211.50%166
Flag of Anguilla.svg Anguilla10,20920364.80%61
Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg Marshall Islands8,16020411.70%165
Flag of Tuvalu.svg Tuvalu3,95820537.00%121
Flag of Saint Helena.svg Saint Helen2,906-37.6%-
Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg Falkland Islands2,842-96.9%-
Flag of Montserrat.svg Montserrat2,83320654.60%81
Flag of Wallis and Futuna.svg Wales and Futuna1,383-8.95%-
Flag of Niue.svg Niue[15]1,03420786.90%16
Flag of Ascension Island.svg Ascension Island361-41.0%-



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