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IWF: hacked websites host photos of child sexual abuse

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) warns that hackers use hacked websites to host photos of child sexual abuse.

According to the organization, the hackers upload the photos to a folder of the hacked site and then publish them on adult websites.

So neither the owner of the broken website knows what is happening, nor even the owner of the porn site.

Internet Watch Foundation

"We had not noticed anything suspicious for two years, but suddenly in June we began to observe this happening and to see it happening more and more often," said Sarah Smith, IWF researcher.
"We have received several reports from people who were very upset with what they had seen. They explained what exactly happened and our analysts began to track the hackers' steps. "

Security expert Graham Cluley believes this could be a work of rival porn content websites that are trying to hurt their competitors.
Another possibility, according to Cluley, is that images of child sexual abuse are accompanied by our well-known ransomware, which locks computers and blackmail its victims to pay a fine for visiting illegal websites.
"Blackmail would be more successful if someone found themselves in front of photos of child sexual abuse."

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