Intracom Telecom donates five advanced portable telemedicine units

Intracom Telecom, an international provider of telecommunication systems and solutions, announces the donation of five advanced portable telemedicine units to the Ministry of Health of Greece, thus contributing to the effective monitoring and management of health issues anywhere, especially in remote and isolated areas.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads worldwide and the incidence in Greece is high, Intracom Telecom has decided to donate these advanced portable telemedicine units to the Ministry of Health in order to further equip the emergency medical staff with the ability to with speed and efficiency in the emergencies it manages.

Mr. Michalis Prountzos, Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services of Intracom Telecom, pointed out: "We feel it is our responsibility to contribute, in close cooperation with the State, to the ongoing fight against COVID-19. At the same time, it is our commitment to continue to develop innovative technologies that improve the quality of life of both our fellow citizens and the visitors of the country. This donation aims to strengthen the health system of our country, in order for it to successfully cope with the fight against COVID-19, as well as similar needs ".

The portable telemedicine unit includes digital medical devices / instruments which are connected online to the National Telemedicine Network (EDIT), thus enabling emergency response teams to send patients' health indicators to central hospitals directly, flexibly and accurately. receive appropriate medical instructions in real time. It is reminded that Intracom Telecom participates in the GRIT project which connects 71 telemedicine units in the Aegean islands with central hospitals of the 2nd Health District of Piraeus and the Aegean.

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