Security Company reveals future ISIS attacks

Intsights is an Israeli company ασφαλείας και πληροφοριών , and told local media that he discovered plans for future ISIS attacks after hacking an ISIS forum used by the group to plan attacks.

The company reported to Israeli channel Channel 10 that it discovered a forum hosted on the Dark Web, and used encryption of the Telegram service where members of ISIS published content about upcoming attacks. ISIS

The forum also had a list of past attacks, and responsibility was taken over by ISIS, such as the one held at a church in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray in northern France, where two ISIS members killed a 85-old Catholic priest.

The security company from Israel reports that ISIS members are planning a series of attacks on various military bases .

There were maps with US military bases from around the world on the forum, and Intsights reports that it has discovered plans for attacks on selected locations in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

These bases were not chosen accidentally as the US and its allies use them for air raids against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Let's say that Intsights is a company run by former Israeli forces intelligence officers. They do not, of course, mention how they were able to break the ISIS forum, but that should probably be expected.

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