invent ICT Call for Proposals

The "invented" incubation program for inventive business ventures is designed to help develop new knowledge intensive businesses and develop innovative concepts in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their exploitation in other industries, as well as Open Technologies.invent ICT

Indicatively, some of the thematic areas that it focuses on are: smart grids, mobile applications and sensors, Big Data, data mining and data analytics, intelligent cities and regions, open technologies, digital services, integrated network services management, education and ICT, security of information and telecommunications systems.

The program offers extensive individualized coaching and mentoring to the participating teams in order to form their business idea and define the business model for its implementation, while providing opportunities for networking within and outside Greece.

The advisory support is aimed at setting up specific enterprises in the broader field of ICT and / or developing business co-operation with existing businesses for the exploitation of ideas and the transfer of relevant technology.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Tuesday xNUMX January 31

For the complete information of the interested groups, as well as for the detailed invitation of interest, visit the website of invent ICT  and the corresponding page in the FB

The Interconnection Structure of Research and created and supported by the Research Institute for Communications and Computer Systems (ICIS), launched the development and operation of an intensive incubation program for innovative business schemes called "invented ICT", which is implemented with the support of the Association of Mobile Telephony Companies ).

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