iOS 12 unlock Apple's operating system

Apple's new mobile device is not as safe as the company claims. As can be seen, iOS 12 has come up with errors that allow for a rather complicated process to bypass the password.

Bypassing the password naturally gives access to confidential device data, such as photos, contact list, and address book.iOS 12

The process of exploiting the security vacuum is rather complicated and requires the use of Siri, VoiceOver and Notes. The method works on iPhone smartphones that have the iOS 12 version installed. These include models supporting biometric Face ID or Touch ID.

To circumvent the Face ID and Touch ID security mechanisms, you need to physically access the device (for a very short time) and also to know the victim's phone number.

To override your iOS 12 password, you need to call Siri from the lock screen and ask Apple's digital assistant to activate the VoiceOver service.

Then you should call it iPhone you want to unlock from another device and the time of the call, select the answer with a message and press the "+" button. If the VoiceOver service is turned on, sending the message from the victim's smartphone will cause an error in the system, so the attacker can access private device data such as photos, contact list, and address book. Of course, you can see the list of your outgoing calls and have more and more detailed information about them by clicking the "i" button.

The vulnerability was discovered by security expert Jose Rodriguez who has published two videos to prove the problem. At this time, vulnerability has not been repaired.

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