iOS 14 Enable data breach notification

With the release of iOS 14, Apple has introduced a new feature that alerts users when stored passwords have been breached and displayed on sites with data breaches.

IOS includes the Keychain password manager, which allows users to save their passwords and fill in them automatically on login forms on websites and applications.

The password manager is on Settings> Passwords and when you have access, it lets you see all the saved passwords or add more.

In earlier versions of iOS, Keychain Password Manager would notify users if they were using a password that was easy to crack and ask you to change it.

With the release of iOS 14, Apple will check your saved credentials from a list of known data breaches.

In performing this check, iOS "uses powerful cryptographic techniques to regularly track derivatives of your passwords, from a list of password-protected passwords in a secure and private manner that does not reveal your password information, even to Apple."

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If an account is found to be compromised or uses an easy-to-guess password, a "Security Suggestions" option will appear.

If your accounts use simple passwords, the number in this box will tell you how many accounts you have a problem with.

If there is a red exclamation mark, as shown below, it means that you have an account that has been compromised in some way and needs immediate attention.

Clicking the 'Security Suggestions' button will take you to another page that lists all insecure passwords.

Clicking on a password will tell you whether one can easily guess, if it was violated in some way or if it was found in a data breach.

Keychain will then ask you to change your password, which will open the site either on the password reset page or on its homepage.

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As data breaches become more common, it is a great option as it protects not only your account, your finances, but also any information that hackers could access.

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