iOS 7 features: Control Center, best multitasking, photo filters and more [WWDC 2013]


In addition to appearance, Apple has changed many things and the way the operating system works. Inside, he introduced some new features as he improved some others.

Here are some of the changes:

One of the newest new features is definitely the Control Center, a new way to get access to the system's toggles (adding executive and flashlight) from wherever you are in iOS.

Screen-Shot-2013 06-10-at-2.37.42-PM

With Control Center, you can swipe to display settings such as Airplane Mode, Screen Brightness and WiFi, and you can also check music.

In addition, a new multitasking has emerged which not only makes application rotation more beautiful but also makes it more practical.


Safari no longer has 8 tabs, and a new Shared Links feature has been added to let you see what your friends are sharing on social networks like Twitter.


AirDrop allows video and video sharing between devices without the need for internet. See it as an Apple response to Bump.

Screen-Shot-2013 06-10-at-2.40.25-PM

The implementation of the camera also received some major and important upgrades. One of them is that it now allows you to insert filters into the photos so they are ready to go where you want without further processing.


Upgrading was also achieved by the application of photos that offers better management, while a new feature, Moments, cleverly collects your photos while you are shooting them.

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