iOS closed or Android open: 1-1. What do you choose?

iOS vs Android 1-1: Facebook and Google allegedly violated Apple's policies by distributing apps that monitored user behavior outside the Apple App Store.
So the company temporarily banned Facebook and Google from running their applications, sending a strong message.iOS vs Android 1-1

It is known that Facebook tries to learn as much as possible from its users. This data is not only of interest to Facebook, but also to the large advertising networks, which, quite by chance, collaborate with the largest social network.

So to better track what their users are doing inside and outside of Facebook, the company created a volunteer program that used the Facebook Research App. This application worked as a VPN on the phones that was installed. But the VPN sent tons of data to Facebook: websites visited by users, messages sent, photos, videos and more.

The application also asked users to install a certificate, which allowed them to monitor data that was normally encrypted. Volunteers after installing the app were paid by Facebook $ 20 a month in e-gift cards.

Google had a similar program. The program was called Screenwise Meter and the company used the same certificate that Facebook used for the data on iOS. Google, however, does not appear to have collected any encrypted data. To participate in the program a volunteer had to be from 18 years old and up. Just like Facebook, Google paid volunteers $ 20 a month to provide their data.

iOS vs Android 1-1

Apple stopped distributing its applications after the public revelation of the applications by TechCrunch Google, And his Facebook, alleging breach of company policies.

This event is a reminder that Apple wants to have full control of its mobile operating system and the code that can run on any of its platforms. Apple not only chooses which apps are allowed in the App Store but can remove and revoke access to any app it wants when needed.

The company seems to be running iOS like a tightly controlled "fenced garden" as opposed to Google's Android "Wild West".
Of course no one knows what is going on right behind the closed doors of iOS. Recall that the company was sued for forcing "consumers to buy newer and more expensive iPhones when a battery replacement could allow them to continue using their older iPhones."

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Apple iPhone: request 999 damages twice dollars

The legal dispute erupted when Apple admitted earlier this month that it was slowing down older iPhones to address battery downturn. Apple iPhone
The plaintiffs claim that the company deliberately reduced the performance of iPhone as a solution to minimize the impact of worn out batteries without informing buyers.

And here we come to the free market: If Apple control bothers you, you have an alternative: Android. The result will be the same. No one knows how companies use you.

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