iOS bug Telugu: fix the bug before updating

Telugu: iOS 11 will remain in Apple's history as one of the most problematic versions released. In this release, bugs are being continually displayed Apple trying to fix with new builds. But every new build comes with its own bugs. telugu

At this time, users of iOS 11.2 + may not receive iMessages. The error seems to have been fixed in iOS 11.3 but is still in beta format.

In addition to the above bug, however, a new bug has occurred, which is called a Telugu character error. Telugu affects the Messaging application and almost all other messaging applications installed on your phone, such as Facebook Messenger.

If you send a specific Telugu character to someone via messaging, the app will collapse as well as other messaging applications on their phone.

The problem with the character is that any app trying to display it, whether it's the messaging app or the Facebook app, will crash. If you try to see the character in the "Notes" application, the application and possibly your phone will crash.

At the moment, and until Apple repairs the Telugu error with the upcoming iOS 11.3, we'll see how you can make your device.

If you received the Telugu character from the Messages application or from another messaging application, this application will be impossible to use, since it will crash every time you start it.

But if you tell a friend to send you a new message in the same application (iMessage, or an SMS), your application will be able to reopen. Do not try to erase the old message with the character because it is very likely that your app will crash again. Better wait until the update.

If your character came through an application like Facebook Messenger, you could try to delete the message over the web.

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