USA: we made a mistake with the balloons

The searches of American experts on the remains of the downed balloons have been fruitless and the theory about Chinese espionage cannot be proven. So the US is reportedly recalling:


"We have seen no indication or anything else that would support that these three objects were part of an espionage project by the People's Republic of China or that the balloons are connected to outside data collection efforts," said John Francis Kirby, a spokesman for US National Security Council.

However, he said that the picture could have been completely different if they had managed to collect the balloons intact.

In essence, however, the mystery remains unsolved. American experts do not know what to say as the balloons were dissimilar to each other. Two of them were smaller in size than the first one that was considered a spy, but it wasn't.

One was cylindrical in shape, while another looked like an octagon, from the corners of which hung threads.

So far, no company, organization or individual has claimed ownership of the balloons, offering further evidence that would shed light on the case and help technicians understand the nature of the items being sent.

Let's mention that it took a second shot to shoot down one balloon and that each AIM-9X Sidewinder rocket costs $400.000.

On the occasion of the cost of the missiles, the Chinese retaliated against the Americans from Friday, February 10, accusing the US of "immaturity", "irresponsibility", and "hysteria". The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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  1. Two of them were smaller in size than the first one that was considered a spy, but it wasn't.
    "it was not";
    The first shot down in the Pacific in a controlled area, much of which has been recovered, has been officially declared by the Americans to be CLEARLY a spy.
    For the remaining two above from Alaska and Canada they state that they have no indications.
    To put things on the right footing without ..."misinterpretations".

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