The US is planning 6G wireless communication

The Biden administration begins planning 6G wireless communication, which will have 100 times the speed of 5G.

6G, smartphone, network

According to The Wall Street Journal, the White House plans to begin development of the new 6G communications technology.

In fact the Biden administration wants to develop and establish the 6G patent before China does. For this purpose he held a meeting last Friday with corporate, government and academic experts.

The new technology will have 100 times the speed of 5G and, essentially, for today's data, it will surpass all imagination in terms of possibilities. It will be able to provide cloud computing and mobile internet on a global scale, display holograms in real time and what you see today in the cinema in science fiction movies will become reality.

Of course the next generation of telecommunications is still years away, at least a decade, but its development could pave the way for global internet access not yet available with the current 5G standard.

It is likely that the development of 6G will bring the frequency of radio waves into the terahertz, which is on the boundary between microwaves and infrared radiation. These radio waves promise a drastic reduction in data transmission delays and speeds of up to 1 Tbps.

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6G, smartphone, network

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