US: TikTok is China's Trojan horse. What about Facebook?

TikTok is the "Trojan horse" (Trojan horse) of China, according to Rob Joyce, who heads the cybersecurity unit of America's National Security Agency.

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Joyce, speaking at the Silverado Policy Accelerator conference on Monday, called TikTok "a strategic issue." It comes to complement the regular, day-to-day cyber threats that the US spy agency regularly fends off from government-backed hackers and cash-strapped cyber crime gangs.

"Why bring the Trojan horse into the fort," Joyce said. “Why in the US?”

Joyce's remarks come as the country's new National Cyber ​​Security Strategy describes China as the "broadest, most active and most persistent threat to both public and private sector networks".

After Snowden's revelations and dozens of scandals that have been revealed about the action of the secret services of social networks and US-based ISPs, Rob Joyce's statements sound very hypocritical. Or are they telling us a veiled truth?

So according to the questions posed by Rob Joyce, why did we accept a Facebook in our homes and on our mobile devices? The problem is ultimately where the data is stored, and of course who can control it.
TikTok is described by US officials as a Trojan horse because China has direct access to the data it collects. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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