The iPad mini 2 will be released alongside a thinner and lighter iPad 5 this March [Reputation]


Owners of iPad 3 were exaggerated enough with Apple when she introduced the iPad 4 last November, eight months after the release of the first. It was the first time the Cupertino company released two iPads in less than 12 months, but we should probably start getting used to it.

Rumors this week want Apple to renew its devices every six months, presenting two years in a row. And according to an analyst this is exactly what it is going to do with the next-generation iPad.

Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets revealed on Friday that his sources from CES 2013 told him that an iPad mini 2 along with an iPad 5 will make their appearance this March.

The 5 iPad will be lighter and thinner than its predecessor, but White has not confirmed what improvements will be made inside it. Apple has traditionally introduced new processors and improved cameras, but if it refreshes its devices every six months, it probably will not be upgraded every time.

As for the iPad mini, the display will probably be exactly the same, but it will see an upgrade to its processor and other internal tracks. However, White did not mention a Retina screen, which we all expect, but many are believed to be Apple's eventually presented.

We do not know whether Apple will follow this tactic and will refresh its devices every six months, but what we know is that users will be down until they adapt to such a quick upgrade.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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