iPadOS, new functional converts the tablet into a laptop

Apple he said yesterday iPadOS at the annual WWDC event. The new operating system comes with many updates to iOS to create a system that turns tablets into laptops.

According to the company's plans, the iPad will get a new feature called split-screen. With this function it will be possible to display applications side by side.

Apple has promised that the new feature will also work with third-party applications. The new operating system will also include support for data transfer between open applications.


The new operating system will allow iPad users to connect widgets directly to their home screen and some other upgrades for better performance with more new features, such as the ability to put applications aside to easily move around the rest of the screen.

It may seem small, but it seems to work very intuitively, and will be very convenient for those who work with too many applications at once.

Η Apple also announced that iPadOS will have USB support on the iPad, which will have many applications in the daily use of tablets.

Finally, iPadOS will feature an improved new file manager and smoother Apple Pencil integration.

IPadOS is available for developers with a beta version, and will be available to everyone from July.




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