IPED Digital Forensic: Program for criminologists and researchers

IPED is open source software that can be used to process and analyze digital evidence seized from crime scenes by hackers or corporate investigations by private investigators.

The IPED - Digital Evidence Processor and Indexer (translated from Portuguese) is a tool implemented in java and continues to be developed by digital forensic experts from the Brazilian Federal Police since 2012. Although it was always open source, it was only published in 2019. officially his code.

fingerprint scanning technology concept 2d illustration



  • Signature analysis
  • Supported hashes: md5, sha-1, sha-256, sha-512 and edonkey
  • Categorization by file type and properties
  • Collection of images and videos in hundreds of formats
  • Geo-reporting GPS data (requires Javascript API key for Google Maps)
  • Visual character recognition supported by tesseract 4
  • Named Entity Recognition (requires Stanford CoreNLP model downloads)
  • Strong file grouping
  • Scalable with javascript and python
  • Browser history for Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Custom analysts for Emule, Shareaza, Ares, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Bittorrent, ActivitiesCache and more…
  • Quickly detect nude content for images and videos
  • Graph analysis for communications
  • Repeat or restart the interrupted processing
  • Create bookmarks / tags for important data
  • HTML, CSV references



git clone https://github.com/sepinf-inc/IPED.git cd IPED mvn install


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