iPhone 13 screen problem? Only Apple can fix it

The new iPhone 13 may not be innovative, but as an upgrade it has many new features.

But a specific change can make screen repairs quite complicated and much more expensive for consumers. If the iPhone 13 screen breaks or cracks, you will need to repair it through Apple, otherwise Face ID will not work.

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If so far you have been careful not to drop your device and it will be damaged, with the iPhone 13, you should be more careful. YouTuber iPhone Repair Guru recently replaced some components in the iPhone 13 and the screen replacement has caused a frenzy.

Although it had no problems replacing various sensors and microphones on the iPhone 13, replacing the screen stopped Face ID running, even when it replaced it with another genuine Apple display. Face ID allows users to safely and quickly unlock their Apple devices.

Apparently Apple has used "part pairing" to connect individual hardware and software components. This of course does not allow users to repair their devices to third parties.

According to the video uploaded by iPhone Repair Guru, after an unauthorized screen repair, the iPhone 13 displays an error message stating that it can not verify if the screen is genuine. This way you will not be able to unlock iPhone 13 via Face ID.

The problem persists even if you try to reset Face ID from the settings. A message will appear again stating that Face ID is not available.

So if you need to repair a broken screen on your iPhone 13, you should have it repaired by Apple or an authorized service provider. Alternatively, you can use iPhone 13 without Face ID.

Apple's decision to disable Face ID after a third-party screen repair is at least worrying. IPhone repairs will become more expensive if the company does not release an iOS update that fixes this problem.

The company will probably have to release this particular update because of it right of repair, which should be available to all product users, regardless of company.

If he does not change something he could be found in court again.

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