iPhone 4 that was immersed in chilled water works normally

IPhones are not the most durable mobile phones in the water, but Michel Gandrom from Pennsylvania's Kennedy, Pennsylvania, has a different opinion, as he found his phone after about a year immersed in a frozen lake.

frozen3 iphone

Gandrum lost it iPhone 4 during fishing in the icy lake in March of 2015, when his device slipped out of his pocket and fell into the hole of the ice.

The unfortunate user reports BuzzFeed News "We had a temperature of -25 degrees and so my two friends and I went ice fishing. We were sitting in our folding chairs and when I bit a bite from a cereal bar my phone slipped. Instead of falling into the snow, he hit the edge of the hole and fell into it. I caught a fish, a blue Gill, but in the end the fishing was not worth it ".

In the summer the ice in the lake melted and in September the lake dried up due to problems in its tightness. The iPhone was found by a treasure hunter who was using a metal detector to find lost items on its bottom that had fallen from local boats. He says he found an iPhone under about 15 inches of mud.

He took the device to his house, cleaned it, left it on rice for a couple of days and then connected it to a charger. Magically, the phone was working, so she looked at the contact list to find the owner's number.

Gandrum, who had in the meantime bought an iPhone 6s, used a special protection cover for the iPhone 4, and this may have been one of the reasons the device has long endured the water. Larger iPhones are not water resistant, and only the iPhone 7 has a degree of IP67 sealing and is specifically designed to withstand certain water conditions.

The fisherman will cleanse the iPhone 4 more carefully and after doing a maintenance and that small repairs will then need to be given to his mother.

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