The "wreck" of the colorful iPhone 5c

iphone-5cFoxconn Electronics factory in Taiwan will not continue building - After low sales and device defects

The production of the iPhone 5c seems to stop the Foxconn Electronics plant in Zhengzhou, Taiwan, after the flaws in Apple's new mobile phone model, but also due to its low sales.

According to local press reports, the economic and colorful device has frustrated consumers, initially reducing the production of phones by 50.000 devices a week, until the factory decided not to continue its construction.

Although last September, the promotion of iPhone 5c was aimed at a wider audience because of its reduced price compared to the 5S model, it ultimately proved to be a failure.

Indeed, while sales of iPhone 5S in China reach 78,6%, 5c sales come with difficulty 21%. However, the company refused to comment on the information.

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