Problem on iPhone 6S Battery? Apple changes it for free

Apple today recognized that some iPhone 6s devices stop working unexpectedly. So the company will replace the batteries free of charge on all these devices through branded retail outlets and authorized technical service centers.

If you experience this problem with the device iPhone 6s you're using, Apple says there's no reason to worry because it's not a security issue. In short, you are not in danger of an explosion.iPhone 6S

In addition, the company believes that this particular affects only devices from a limited range of serial numbers built between September and October of 2015.

Those who are interested can find more information from the link at the end of the publication.

The issue is completely different from the 'touch disease' problem observed in some iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. 'Touch disease' causes different symptoms, such as a gray line flickering at the top of the screen and reduced touch response of the device.

Apple said last week that the awkward users who have dropped their phones might be in trouble and that it would charge 149 for this repair.

Please note that since August, a collective lawsuit against the company has been filed against this problem. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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