Problems in the iPhone 7 Plus camera

Owners of iPhone 7 Plus devices have begun to report issues related to their cameras. The Plus cameras reportedly stop working without any clear reason.

Apple has not yet officially recognized the problem, but is reportedly repairing or offering a full replacement for the devices that are experiencing the problem.

His publications reddit reveal that the iPhone 7 Plus camera can not start and users with the devices see a totally black picture, unable to capture photos or videos.7 iPhone Plus

It is not clear whether the problem is due to the hardware or the operating system. It seems, however, due to the hardware given the fact that Apple replaces the cameras in its stores. Additionally, there are users who claim to have the same problem after updating on iOS 10.2.

The issue appears to be limited to iPhone 7 Plus but we do not know if all devices are affected, or they are just isolated cases.

Full recovery and upgrades to the operating system do not seem to help. All that can help in this case is repairing the device from an authorized Apple store that can offer repair or replacement.

Apple, as mentioned before, has not yet commented on the issue, but if the problem continues to occur, even revocation may be announced. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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