iPhone 8 squeezes an 5.5 inch battery into a 4.7 device

KGI Securities's Ming-Chi Kuo analyst predicts that the upcoming iPhone 8 can come with the same battery capacity that has an 5.5-inch LCD model but the battery will be much smaller in size according to a MacRumors publication .

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 8 may have approximately the same battery capacity as the 5,5-inch iPhone 6s Plus, but the size of the battery will be the same as that used by Apple on the 4,7 inch models. The iPhone 6s Plus has an 5,5 inch screen and its battery is at 2.750mAh, while the 5,5-inch iPhone 7 Plus has a battery in 2.900mAh.iPhone 8

Ming-Chi Kuo states: “As a new technology in the battery, it is not very likely that we will see significant discoveries in the next 3-5 years. The mainboard area can only be reduced by compressing the SLP, which will make room for a larger battery and extended usage time.

Thanks to SLP compression, we expect the iPhone OLED to have similar battery dimensions to a 4,7-inch iPhone LCD, and to have comparable battery capacity to a 5,5-inch LCD iPhone. ”

Kuo also says Apple will use a more expensive board design, also known as the PCB (SLP) mainboard. This will create extra space inside the device, so that a larger battery can be integrated.

This particular design of the mainboard could result in up to 80% higher production costs. So the rumors who want the new device to have a value greater than $ 1.000 appear to be valid.

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