Your iPhone has a hidden signal strength meter

Forget about measuring your iPhone's signal strength using only dots or lines. The simple hack below allows you to see its true signal strength you.

If you want your mobile signal measurement to be more accurate than the little dots on the top left of the of your iPhone then you should try the below hidden της ενσωματωμένης λειτουργίας Field .field-test-mode iphone

To access the Field Test Mode, you will need to prepare:

Turn off Wi-Fi (Settings> Wi-Fi)
Turn off LTE, (Settings> Cellular> Turn on LTE)

Then go from your phone application type the following:

* 3001 #12345 # *

Then dial the "number" and you will activate the Field Test function.

To exit, simply press the Home button.

If you want to replace the signal strength dots with , πατήστε και κρατήστε πατημένο το κουμπί λειτουργίας μέχρι να εμφανιστεί η οόνη Σύρετε για απενεργοποίηση. Στη συνέχεια, αφήστε το κουμπί τροφοδοσίας και στη συνέχεια πατήστε και κρατήστε πατημένο το πλήκτρο Home για περίπου πέντε με δέκα until the Field Test Operation screen turns off.

If the result you have is about -50 decibels, it is very good, while a weak signal will be about -115 denim. Basically as close to zero as the number, the better your mark.

If you want to reset the heifers now, just do a reset of your iPhone with a hard reset (Home and Power pressed together).

For Android users, you can see the signal meter (but you can't have it permanently on your screen). Just go to Settings> About phone and it's there, along with the network type. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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