iPhone XS Max 6 months not to eat to get HiFi

When Apple announced its new handsets for 2018, they once again heard about the high price of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Data released by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) show that both iPhones record very high demand figures. Sales figures on these accounts almost account for 16% of all iPhone sales in the last quarter of 29.

The numbers of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus represent 16% and 17% respectively of all phones sold last year by Apple during the same period.

The numbers for the iPhone X released later, according to CIRP, represented 14% of sales at the beginning of the next quarter.

"This year, Apple released the iPhone XS and XS Max, its two most expensive models, at the end of the quarter. Last year, Apple introduced the most expensive iPhone X in the fourth quarter. Thus, during the quarter ended September 29, 2018, Apple had for the first time to monitor the purchases of 10 models. The iPhone XS and XS Max showed similar results to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the respective quarter of 2017, ”said Josh Lowitz, co-founder and co-founder of CIRP.iPhone

Apple is now preparing to release the third and final iPhones that it presented at 12 September. The iPhone XR is also expected to record large sales figures as it is Apple's most anticipated smartphone this year. Its original price starts at 749 dollars in the United States.

It should be mentioned that in Greece we once again noticed the "take it all" syndrome in the stores that have the new Apple devices. But the difference with our country is that since 2009 we are supposed to be in an economic crisis.
Meanwhile, reviews of the new iPhones vary. As we have mentioned in previous publications, innovative technology has been absent in recent years.
And not to be misunderstood by the fan boys I mean the feeling he felt the audience when presenting the first iPhone.
Certainly every new device that is in circulation should offer something new, otherwise they will not prefer it. However, the price climbs to heights we are not used to for mobile phones.

Let's remind you that we are not in the age when a mobile phone in suitcase size cost 500.000 drachmas when the monthly was 100.000.


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