iPhone upgraded to iOS 6.1 have battery problems, overheating and connectivity random?


In the forums of Apple Support Communities, since January 28 when Apple released the new update of iOS, version 6.1, more and more users are flocking to point out that their device is consuming the available battery too quickly, or is overheating.

You can see relevant discussions here. and here. and here.. A solution presented as answer in a thread, after a visit by an iPhone owner to an Apple Genius, the owner had to close all location services and reopen them one by one, to find out what was "eating" his battery. The specific owner, of course, preferred to do a hard reset on his device, that is, a return to the factory settings and the problem was solved, while he reserves the right to inform about the result when "6.1." iOS XNUMX is passed again.

According to the information we saw in The Verge However, there seems to be a problem with the operating system upgrade as Vodafone in the UK sent an SMS to its iPhone 4S customers urging them not to download the upgrade until Apple addresses the issue. . The problems caused by the upgrade, according to Vodafone, concern 3G network and internet connectivity issues, while some users are unable to send and receive text messages.

So there is a problem, whether it concerns the battery or the connectivity and we expect more details (and solutions) from Apple.

Now how random this is, especially a few days after the Jailbreak and the huge impact it did not know. The surety is that Apple is probably hurrying to release 6.1.1.

We will keep you up to date.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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