iPhone may your device be refurbished

If you buy a used one iPhone, it would be good to know its history. When it was first sold, was the device new from Apple or was it a refurbished device? Below we will see an easy way to find out. See how.

Open the Settings app and follow the path: General - About.
Once you open About, a list of important information about iPhone These include the device name, software version, and model number.


Pay a little attention to the model number, because it will reveal its origin iPhone.

If the model number starts with M, the device was purchased new by Apple.
If the model number starts with F, the device has been refurbished by Apple or a partner company (telephone service provider).
If the model number starts with P, the device was manufactured as a personalized iPhone with engraving.
If the model number starts with Ν, Apple provided the device as a replacement device for someone iPhone that was not working properly.

If you find that your phone has been refurbished, it is not necessarily a bad thing. THE Apple certifies its Refurbished products through a very strict process that makes them almost new. Carefully clean each device, replace any damaged components and, if necessary, replace the battery and the outer casing.

Overall, Apple Certified Refurbished products they look and work like new iPhone, but for legal reasons, Apple can not sell them as new. Apple usually offers these refurbished products at a significant discount.

Refurbished devices from third parties

If your phone was refurbished by an independent company and not authorized by Apple, the model number will not have changed. It should be noted here that few independent companies have strict Apple standards, so it is best to avoid refurbished devices from third parties as much as possible.

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