iPhone underwater photos with automatic settings

IPhones can already be used for underwater photography but new generations will have IP68 certifications. So Apple's upcoming mobile will be able to sink into the water without the risk of some damage.iPhone

IP68 certification is one of the steps that Cupertino looks at to improve the quality of iPhone photos when it swims, and this is seen in a recent patent application.

Technically, what Apple wants to do is equip iPhone with a set of sensors that will be responsible for setting the right settings for taking better underwater photos. According to CultOfMac, iPhone sensors could measure the amount of light in water, color changes, depth, pressure and distance from the subject.

In other words, if you want to take a picture of a fish, for example, iPhone will be able to correctly determine the settings needed for the photo, all based on an algorithm that collects information from all of these sensors.

Of course we should mention that, as with any patent, the above news does not mean that the company is preparing for mass production. At least it gives us a look at Apple's vision of the future features of the iPhone's camera.


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