iPhone X is worth buying? Why some people said no

A company of analysts interested in forecasts on sales of Apple smartphones asked 1.500 iPhone owners why they have not bought the iPhone X. Yes there are… Fortunately!

Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Ped30 published the research in detail conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson. The survey states that about 40% to 40% of iPhone owners said they did not get the new device because the iPhone X is too expensive or because they prefer a larger screen.iPhone X

One-third of respondents said the iPhone X was too expensive, while eight percent wanted a larger screen.

However, 44% said they have not upgraded to iPhone X because their current iPhone is working fine, which could mean they could upgrade if the new device was attractive enough not to be compared to the existing device their.

17% said they had not bought the new device for some other reason.

Apple is expected to release three new iPhones in the fall, and Olson believes that these will be aimed at consumers who did not buy the iPhone X because of the price, or because of the screen size.

The analyst predicts that Apple will sell 233,8 million phones in 2019, but its sales estimates for 2018 fell to 226,3 million from the 230 million devices it had previously reported.

"Based on our research, there is a large pool of potential iPhone buyers looking for a bigger screen or a lower price and therefore can look forward to the next batch of devices in the next calendar year," says Olsen.

A Bloomberg report last month reported that Apple plans to release three new iPhones, a larger iPhone, an iPhone X upgrade, and a cheaper device that will look like the iPhone X but have hardware that will allow for a lower price.

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The cheaper iPhone will not have the exact OLED screen of the iPhone X, but an LCD screen along with the iPhone 8 hardware without the iPhone X stainless steel. Some Apple analysts expect it to have a 6,1-inch screen, but without 3D Touch.

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