iPhone X: Low initial sales and innovation

iPhone X: At the beginning of 2017, Apple announced that its iPhone (7) was its most popular product. The company donated over 50 millions of iPhone in the first quarter of 2017, which made it richer by 33.2 billion dollars.

iPhone X

What is happening today at 2018? IGuRu.gr, from time to time we have published some articles that do not like Apple friends.

Those who watch our site will know that the latest releases of Apple have not been so excited about waiting for a mobile provider to buy the new iPhone.

We are always talking about innovation but also the use of a brand name that was intertwined with the first presentation of the iPhone, a really innovative event that left no doubt…

Apple's Jobs seems to be a story. The new Apple, as a Tim Cook company, continued to enjoy the glories and brand awareness that Jobs created.

A brand name inherent in the innovation, smart products and design that was ahead of its era.

In the time of Tim Cook, innovation is called Apple Watch, iPhone SE, or pink gold color?

Apple has to stop being Jobs's boy and become the mother of new innovative products that will make her regain her old glory. (Does history reminisce of Greece today?)

Otherwise; The numbers unfortunately are relentless ...

So today there are reports from various analysts, predicting a very ominous future for iPhone X sales. Sinolink Securities analyst Zhang Bin said that orders for Apple's latest mobile phones may be 10 million less than he had predict.

In accordance with Bloomberg, the analyst reported that:

"After meeting the first wave of demand, the market is now worried that the high price of the iPhone X could weaken demand in the first quarter."

The research firm JL Warren Capital LLC also said that orders will be reduced to 25 million in the first quarter of 2018 by 30 million that reached the fourth quarter of this year.

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